The Secret Equine Performance Tool that your Vet won’t tell you about!

You don’t have to be a trained Acupuncturist!

Photopuncture Scanning Wand

Any horse lover can use this two-part system for FAST, ACCURATE RESULTS.   Our training teaches you how to SCAN the horse’s body for the exact points where they are out of balance.  The scanner works by reading minute changes in the electrical resistance of the tissue underneath the horse’s skin.  Scanning lets you KNOW exactly where to the apply the Photopuncture Lights to re-balance the body and allow the horse to heal naturally.  When done regularly, this approach alerts you to imbalances even before they show up as a physical problem – greatly improving performance and preventing injuries!

Find the Problem – FAST!

Photopuncture Scanning Wand

The Scanner

No matter which therapeutic modality you choose, optimal results depend on knowing exactly where to apply the therapy.  When living tissue is damaged or injured, there is a change in its electrical resistance.  So the first step in a Photopuncture session is to scan the entire horse with the Equine Scanner. The Scanner locates the areas of imbalanced energy areas by reading variances in electrical resistance in the tissue.

The Scanner locates compromised areas such as inflamed muscles, tendons, nerves and joints. More importantly – it also  locates internal problems by detecting active acupuncture points which point to specific issues. When used in an ongoing fashion, the Scanner has great value in helping prevent problems, by often detecting electrical changes before obvious physical damage occurs.

Fix the Problem

Photopuncture Light Therapy Unit

Now that we know where to treat – we deliver precisely-tuned light to the areas identified by the scanner.  Depending upon the frequency selected, the light can either stimulate or sedate the tissue to which it is applied.  By balancing the energy throughout the meridians we help the body to come back into balance, healing even chronic and serious issues.

Accelerate Healing and Prevent Problems

This process becomes even more powerful as a basic knowledge of the acupuncture meridian system is applied.  Detoxification, pre-performance tune-ups, emergency care for colic, wounds, and shock are all easily approached with a meridian approach, otherwise called “Photopuncture”.

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