What is Photopuncture? The simple answer is "Acupuncture with Light"!
Photopuncture is the combination of using Light Therapy to speed healing, with the targeted use of Light on specific Equine Energy Points (Acupuncture Points) to affect the energetic (and structural) balance of the entire body - quickly and accurately. We use, teach and sell the In Light Equine System for our equine clients and our classes. First we accurately identify the exact places on the body that are out of balance. Then we use powerful Red and near Infrared Light Clusters to re-balance those areas. CLICK HERE to watch our "Introduction to Photopuncture VIDEO.

Why Light?

How light affects the body.


Photopuncture & Light Therapy Classes

Our classes offer something for every level of horse enthusiast. From equine lover, to professional therapists and even world class riders and competitors.


Professional Light Therapy Equipment

We offer Light Therapy and Photopuncture equipment for every budget. Please call if you don't see what you need.

Equine Energy Point Charts

Whether improving performance or helping horses to overcome injuries . . . know where to shine your light!

Therapy Package Specials


Upcoming Classes & Events

all-day Equitana – Melbourne, AUS
Equitana – Melbourne, AUS
Nov 17 – Nov 20 all-day
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