Photopuncture Light Therapy Certification

Student treating neck points - Jan 2011

Photopuncture Light Therapy is one of the fasted growing modalities for improving the health of horses.  Safe, non-invasive and proven effective, Photopuncture Therapy systems are a valuable tool for:

  • Maintaining equine athletes at peak performance for maximum results
  • Rehabilitating sick or crippled horses
  • Adding a truly effective holistic modality to any equine health practice

Interested in learning about light therapy for your horses or as a business?  Whether you are considering purchasing a Photopuncture & Light Therapy System or want to improve the results for the one you have… these classes are for you.

Course Description:

Photopuncture & Light Therapy for Horses

Six day course that takes horse lovers through the basics of using scanning and treating a horse, through an introduction to Photopuncture – Acupuncture with Light!  The first two days are open to auditing students interested in how Photopuncture works and in learning more about how to evaluate their horses using simple Bio-Energy Analysis techniques.

Days 1 & 2  – Light Therapy & Bio-Energy Techniques (Saturday & Sunday – open sessions)

  • Intro to Light Therapy – how it works
  • The Photopuncture System and accessories
  • 4-Part horse evaluation – Eyes, Ears, Nose and Hands
  • Are the hips and neck in balance?
  • How to properly scan a horse
  • Refining Technique – practice scanning and application of lights
  • Light Therapy vs. Photopuncture
  • Opening the Bladder Meridian – a fast, daily way to cleanse the body and relax the muscles
  • Checking for parasites – know whether or not you need to worm your horse
  • Carrot Stretches and Tail Pulls – Help keep your horse flexible
  • Yawning, licking, chewing and passing gas – what do these mean?
  • Meridian points for relieving colic – fast
  • Using the Light Therapy Wraps for specific conditions (bowed tendons, DSLD, hock and stifle injuries, spinal injuries)

Days 3 – 6 – Photopuncture for Horses – Acupuncture with Light!  (Monday through Thursday – closed sessions)

Treating Liver14 with Light Pack

This is where the true power of light therapy shines.  Beyond the effectiveness of applying light therapy is discovering the relationships between the blocked energy points that we identify and their specific health indications for the body.  When using an Acupuncture Meridian approach toward scanning and applying the well documented indications for each point, we begin to understand how and why certain energy points affect the body.  Why a sore tooth may cause lameness or how a pattern of blocked points can point us toward the need to support the organs of elimination.   What can we do in an emergency, such as severe colic, to affect the body quickly without having to first scan the horse.

  • Acute vs. Chronic cases – differing approaches
  • Documentation of findings
  • Photopuncture as a business – forms, language, insurance
  • Understanding the Energy Meridians – Lights as Acupuncture
  • When is a scanned Alert Point an acupuncture point?
  • How to clear stubborn issues with meridian paths
  • Master points for specific areas of the body
  • Documenting and assessing findings
  • Reporting finding for clients without diagnosing (diagnosis is the sole purview of veterinarians)
  • Non-Auditing Students receive Dr. Peggy Fleming’s book – “Equine Atlas of Acupuncture Loci”
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